Which electronic board for your DIY project ?

Which_Electronic_BoardsFor a DIY projects, we have to choose between the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, the BeagleBone, micvrocontroller, or others. We constantly ask if we make the best choice for a project and often our choice are more influence by our own skills for a boards rather the the needs. A little demystify of the most popular boards could easier a bit the selection process.

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Programming the Raspberry Pi Zero over USB

zero_3_of_5_1024x1024-100630881-primary.idgeRaspberry Pi Zero is the latest of the Pi’s family. It has a compact size and a reduced number of interfaces that are often not necessary in projects. It is therefore particularly suitable for IoT and various projects of tiny size but not powerless. In addition it has an extremely low price for the available capacity (~5$). And with the reliability of our beloved raspberry that has been proven for several years!

Several new features such as the Tree Device and USB On-The-Go simplify the implementation and allow to operate the RPi Zero without requiring keyboard, screen and other cables. A simple USB A to mini-B and a PC are enough. This way for the steps …

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