Cheap wireless ESP8266-based display

Commodorable_64_viewJohan had the great idea to assemble a cheap ESP8266 with a cheap LCD found on ebay, to make a nice device that he called “Commodorable 64” in memory of Commodore 64. It is based on a cheap ILI9341 based QVGA displays found on eBay for only €4. This wireless display is well suited for making small screenlets telling the current temperature, weather forecasts, traffic situation to work and spreading them over the house.

Johan did a good work and made a custom PCB for these tiny displays. He made different versions for 2.2″, 2.4″ and 2.8″ screens with an (untested) touch support on the screen modules.

Commodorable_64_PCBOn the bask of the PCB we see the ESP8266, a SD card holder and a voltage regulator. ESP is programming through a smart previously developed connector espfrog.

Johan shares schematics and demo code on Github. The “Hello World” application is fun and nerdy with reference to the old  Commodore 64 which played a significant part of his childhood !


Good project with a lot of potential for an affordable budget !

Source : The Commadorable 64

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